PTFE Adhesive Tapes

PTFE Adhesive tapes operate in demanding temperatures and chemical environments. The unique properties of PTFE Adhesive tapes include the exceptional strength and durability, making it ideally suited for a variety of industries including packaging, aerospace, and electronics. PTFE Adhesive tapes are very strong and hold up well under high usage. PTFE Adhesive tape has many applications especially for use on heat-seal packaging equipment. It exhibits high conformability to most surfaces and releases well after use and are chemically inert. Its characteristics are superior dielectric strength and excellent tear and abrasion resistance.


Application Ideas

  • Widely used for electrical insulation on motor, transformer, coils insulate, electrical connector and so on.
  • Used for many applications requiring high temperature resistance, high adhesion, and a very strong, abrasion resistant backing such as masking protection in thermal spray operation.
  • Used on heat-seal packaging equipment.

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