Surface Protection Tapes
Surface Protection Tapes
Surface Protection Tapes
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Surface Protection Light Blue &  WhiteTapes
Surface Protection Dark Blue & Ori Tapes


Surface Protection tape is primarily used to protect the surface of the glass, plastic, aluminium parts, nameplates, etc to prevent scratch during transportation & fabrication. Surface Protection Tape has excellent protection against damages and scratches. This tape has adjustable peeling force, no adhesive residue and weather resistant. Beside that, Surface Protection Tape can be used for the protection of pre-coated sheet metal, which has an exceptional resistance to ultraviolet rays & the specific adhesion allows the protection of surfaces having a greatly corrugated finish.

Application Ideas

  • Applies directly to surface of glass, peels clean, leaves no residue
  • Prevents surface damage caused by abrasions and scratching
  • Used for crate or A-frame packaging
  • Effective protection for long overland and overseas shipments in bad conditions
  • Low Tack peels easily at Fabrication plant.