Hot Air Leveling Tapes
Hot Air Leveling Tapes
Hot Air Leveling Tapes
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Hot Air Leveling Tapes


Hot Air Leveling Masking Tape is based on a paper/polyester film, coated with a heat resistant polysiloxane adhesive. Hot Air Leveling resists temperatures up to 300°C short term and can be removed from the substrate without leaving any adhesive residue. The polyester reinforcement prevents tape tearing during removal.

Application Ideas

  • Masking tape for hot air solder leveling (HASL or HAL) of printed circuit boards.
  • Suitable for masking gold fingers.
  • Hot Air Leveling Tape conforms to PCB contours and irregularities, and gives a well defined masking line
  • Once applied to the area of the PCB to be masked, it is recommended that a pressure roller be applied to the tape to ensure fine edge protection. Use of heated rollers or baking of the tape is not required. Hot Air Leveling can be stripped from the printed circuit board after soldering without leaving any adhesive residue or without tearing.
Hot Air Leveling Tapes