Kapton Tapes
Kapton Tapes
Kapton Tapes
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Kapton Structure
Kapton Tape consisting of polyimide film and silicone adhesive which designed for high temperature masking application, including the protection of printed circuit board, gold fingers contact during wave soldering, it is used in electrical insulation applications meeting class H requirement. Besides, the Kapton Tape thin and conformable features enabling it to mask on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, Kapton Tape can be removed cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat or chemical.
Kapton Tape

Application Ideas

  • Provide protection of gold fingers of printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process.
  • Protects products from foreign substances during SMT process.
  • Provides excellent chemical resistant and heat resistant, and wide selection of adhesion intensity.
  • Widely used for electrical insulation on transformer, motor, coils, PCB making and so on.
  • Protects from the contamination during the SMT process.
  • Protects terminal parts from extremely high temperature.
  • Used for PCB Tracking during Solder Reflow, Top and Bottom Side Wave Solder, Cleaning Processes.
  • Release surface in fabrication of parts cured at elevated temperature.
Kapton Application