Polyester Insulating Film
Polyester Insulating Film
Polyester Insulating Film
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Polyester Insulating Film


Varieties of polyester film are approved for UL registered electrical systems that are rated as high as Class F (155°C). It can be used as an electrical insulation and as a laminate with other substrates. Certain laminates are approved for use in systems rated as high as Class R (220°C).

Polyester film can be supplied in various thicknesses ranging from 1 mil to 5 mils. In addition to its thermal, chemical, and dimensional stability, polyester film offers a variety of performance characteristics that make it an exceptional value for industrial and specialty markets.

Application Idea

With its flexibility and performance characteristics, it can accommodate a variety of uses.

  • Transformer insulation films
  • Membrane touch switches (computer and calculator keyboards)
  • Flexible printed circuit films
  • Solvent resistance
  • Strength and flex resistance
  • Optically clear to opaque light transmission
  • Pretreated surfaces
  • Tear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superior printability
  • Hot stamping foil
  • Photo-resist films
  • Metallic yarns
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Plastic cards (including "smart" cards)
  • Labels
  • Lamination films
  • Brightness enhancement films (computer screens)
  • Solar and safety window films
  • Medical test strips
  • Vacuum insulation panels
  • Miscellaneous uses

In motor applications, selected types of polyester film can be used for ground insulation as slot liners and wedges, as well as phase insulation. In wire and cable applications, it is ideal for mechanical barriers. In addition, specialized polyester film can be used in transformer and high-voltage distribution equipment to wrap the conductors. They are effective for use in hermetic applications with refrigerator and air conditioner motor / compressor assemblies.