PVC Tapes
PVC Tapes
PVC Tapes
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PVC Tapes
PVC Tapes


PVC Tape -- Polyvinylchloride (PVC) tape is a thermo-plastic polymer material. It is a low cost and easy to process with high dielectric strength and with a good chemicals and moisture resistance. For the automotive industries, harness makers also have their own set of specific demands. The tape needs to be flexible and tear easily for quick and simple application in the vehicle with good unwind to minimize the incidence of repetitive strain injury among the manufacturers' workforce. Tape must continue to perform throughout the lifetime of the vehicle where it will be exposed to heat, cold, vehicle fluids and abrasion. It should not contribute to fogging in the passenger compartment.

Application Ideas

  • Indication purposes  Highly recommended in detecting inferior products and as an inspection tool with its variety of color.
  • Insulating
  • Wire harness application
  • Repairing work
PVC Tapes Cover Vehicle Wire