Double Sided Foam Tapes
Double Sided Foam Tapes
Double Sided Foam Tapes
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Double Sided Foam Tape is made out of foam of PE, PU, PVC and EVA coated with various types of adhesive for various applications. This tape is available in different thicknesses. For general purpose polyethylene foam with a high tack rubber adhesive suitable for applications where UV light may effect the performance of the adhesive. Black double sided foam tape offering a high tack permanent adhesive with excellent ageing properties and weather resistant properties for automotive emblems, decals, mouldings and mirror fixings. Good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat.

Application Ideas

Double Sided Foam Tape is used in refrigeration, stationery, die-cut, impact preventing material or adheres with advertising sign board, automotive number plates and various other applications.

Double Sided Foam Tapes Double Sided Foam Tapes