Polyester Tapes
Polyester Tapes
Polyester Tapes
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Polyester Tapes


With polyester film as the bottom material, polyester film tape adopts acrylic acid polyester as the sticky agent. It is used for loop packing, motor stator loop covering, and power resource transforming loop packing, with characteristics of excellent anti-chemicals, anti-damp capability, and anti-incision and abrasion. Besides, this polyester tapes also available with various colors for selection.

Polyester Tapes
Polyester Tapes

Polyester tapes can offer:

  • Superior dielectric strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Tear, puncture & abrasion resistance

Application Ideas

  • As mask in the electronic assembly.
  • As insulation for traction motor in the automotive industry.
  • As bar code labels on the PCB processes through wave soldering and hot air leveling.
  • In nuclear reactors and outer space.
  • Used to close connection of the core's entire surface.