Affix Technology specializes in supplying a wide variety of high quality industrial adhesive tapes to meet a wide range of application needs especially in electrical, electronics, audio & video, magnetic media, aerospace and photographic sectors.

We offer our customers one-stop solutions for industrial adhesive tapes by providing detail technical consultancy and make recommendation on specific adhesive tapes selection based on our years of expertise and technical know-how.

Believe it, we have a wide range of industrial tapes products to meet a broad range of requirements. If you ever need high quality or specific types of adhesive tapes and insulating materials, contact us today. Listed below are our adhesive tapes, masking tapes & insulating film products :

Industrial High Temperatures Tapes
Featured Kapton Tapes, Antistatic Polyimide Tapes (ESD) & Pre-cut Kapton Tapes which are designed specifically for high temperature masking applications. Other tapes suitable for high temperature include Teflon Tapes, Polyester Tapes, Glass Cloth Tapes and Hot Air Leveling Tapes.

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High Quality Double Sided Tapes
Generally, we supply 3 types of industrial strength double sided tapes coated with various types of adhesive to meet customer's application requirement : Double Sided Tissue Tapes, Double Sided Foam Tapes and Double Sided Polyester Tapes.

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Superior Masking Tapes
Featured Paper Masking Tapes & Surface Protection Tapes with special adhesive which are primarily used to protect surface from damaging and scratches.

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Insulating Materials / Films
Kapton Polyimide Film and Polyester Film are recommended high performance insulating materials that provide excellent resistance and shield against wide range of temperatures, chemicals and etc..

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Other Types of Tapes
If you are looking for other types of adhesive tapes for special applications, we always have the perfect solutions for you. A wide range of tapes are available upon your request. Call us now !

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